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Foul Weather Bluff

On Sabbatical. Hope to be back soon!


Added 27Nov18
Wicked Kind

Came up with this one this morning.
Don't know why. It just happened.


Added 12Oct18
Darkness Darkness and Fortunate Son

Added 28Jun18


Song about a car or a relationship? decide...


Video of the moment.
The very talented Susan Marshall performing at the Gram Parsons tribute 
concert. One of the best singers out there. I was fortunate and humbled to have her sing lead and harmony vocals on the Holt/Ziese song Bring it Down

Added 02Jan18
Fait Accompli video

A video retrospective of dysfunctional presidential politics in 2017.



Written in 2010 for a benefit in support of Nashville flood victims

Fait Accompli
2017 Video retrospective of Commander Chaos
Foul Weather Bluff artist of the moment:

Susan Marshall performing at the Gram Parsons Tribute:

About /

I played in bands from 79' through the late 80's in the PNW. I have been playing guitar for aprox 40 years or so. 

One purpose of this site is to be a repository for music I am currently creating. I do not focus on any particular genre, I basically do whatever feels good at the moment.  My music range generally covers rock, pop, blues, world music, and the abstract. Sometimes my songs are complete and sometimes they are just concepts needing to be fully realized.  My main reason for creating this site is to advance my recording skills utilizing my musical abilites to assist in that effort. Much like songwriting or playing an instrument, recording is an art form and a life long commitment where there is always something more to learn.  

Thanks much for visiting. Please check back!  - G. Holt

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